Sunday, May 19, 2013

Anti-Club DJ Set 5/17/13

On Friday nights, I DJ at Mulberry St. Ristorante in downtown Fullerton, usually with my friend Phil.  We call our Friday nights "The Anti-Club," a term I stole from Henry Rollins.  We are sort of a unique venue for a Friday night in Downtown Fullerton, as we don't really play "club music."  We play eclectic stuff that we like.  I don't even know what the "Top 40 hits" are these days, and I don't really care. What I like about playing records for people is sharing music that I find interesting, creative, and just plain good.

Phil is laying it down hard.

This last Friday, while DJing, I thought I would write down the songs as I played them, in case people are interested in knowing the kind of stuff I "lay down."  Click on the song for a link to hear it:

"Wrapped Up in Books" by Belle & Sebastian
"Hurricane" by Bob Dylan
"Parties in the USA" by Jonathan Richman
"No Woman No Cry" by The Fugees
"Let the Good Times Roll" by Derrick Morgan
"Love Train" by The O'Jays
"Lover's Lane" by Hunx and his Punx
"Walk it Down" by Talking Heads
"Postcards from Italy" by Beirut
"Proud Mary" by Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Lazerbeam" by Cosmonauts
"Dropla" by Youth Lagoon
"I'm So Bored With the USA" by The Clash
"The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" by The Band
"Chum" by Earl Sweatshirt
"Los Angeles" by X
"Bad Diary Days" by Pedro the Lion
"Sweet Avenue" by Jets to Brazil
"Cumbia de Los Muertos" by Ozomatli
"Ramsey in the Dark" by Branes
"In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" by Neutral Milk Hotel
"Ears + Eyes" by The Audacity
"Fill Your Heart With Love" by Biff Rose
"Chandler" by Becky Holt
"What's in it for Me?" by The Walkmen
"Glass in Lullabies" by The Autums
"A Blueprint for Joy" by The Middle Class
"Frankenstein" by Antony & the Johnsons

This is my friend Adam's band HOTT MT

Come to Mulberry next Friday and hear what me and Phil want you to hear : )

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