Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Note to Self: Don't Give Up

When you put your heart out into the world, expect some bruises, but never never never stop putting your heart out into the world.  There are people who will not understand why you spend your days doing what you do, why you are constantly creating and doing, why you are tired a lot, why you push and push and push relentlessly toward your dreams.  There are people in this world who have, for a variety of rational reasons, essentially given up on their dreams and when they see you running full speed toward yours, they will say, "Whoa, slow down.  Take it easy.  You are doing too much.  Relax."  Do not listen to those people, even if they are older than you, especially if they are older than you.  But also, do not be angry with those people.  Seek first to understand.  Who knows?  Maybe you will help them rekindle their forgotten dream.  But this above all else.  Do not give up.  Ever.  Follow those beautiful dreams until you are dead, my friend, because one day you will be dead.  And what will you leave behind?

Some Buddhist monks spend three years bowing their way over mountains to India to see a sand mandala be created and destroyed.  Some of them die on the journey.  So, no, I'm not gonna give up either.

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