Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Nature of Things @ PAS Gallery

At the last Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, PAS Gallery hosted an exhibit called "The Nature of Things" and featured the work of Tony Bawk and Scott Lee, two local artists who have shown their work at Hibbleton Gallery as well.

Tony's work is humorous and self-reflective, and his pieces have the best titles ever.  As a friend of Tony, I know he is a fan of one-liners, and I feel like each title is a specially-crafted one-liner.

"This is a Metaphor for Everything"

"They're Gorgeous"

"The Cosmos and Condiments"

"Sigmund Freud Takes Your Mother Out to Dinner"

"I Just Want to Touch It, It's So Mesmerizing"

"He Coffed, I Felt"

"Deep Fryd Knowledge"

"Cosmic Vision"

"Board to Death"

As an art student, Scott Lee studied children's illustration, and his series of untitled water color/pencil drawings have a definite narrative quality.  Each piece seems a part of some larger story.

If you missed this awesome show, be sure to visit The Magoski Arts Colony at the next Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, which happens the first Friday of every month.  

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