Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Negative Netflix Reviews of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County

"High school is such a serious thing, these problems matter." - Family Guy. That pretty much sums up this show. A bunch of over-privileged rich kids making problems out of nothing for the sake of dramatic television.”

“I watched one and a half episodes of this and that was all I could possibly take. This show makes me feel ill. I find the materialistic and self-centered attitudes of these teens depressing and nauseating. If you want to watch a couple episodes of an entertaining MTV show that won't make you feel...read more that the world is a hopeless place, I strongly suggest The Buried Life : )”

"OK I’m going to be honest.  This show is 100% Grade A garbage... plain and simple these people are like a bathtub filled with expired milk... shallow and spoiled as hell. After watch...read moreing this I can say the mentality of this show in general is what’s wrong with America…Its popularity is disturbing.”

 “I keep waiting for this to get better, but it's sooo boring. They aren't doing ANYTHING except for waving their money and free time around in my face!”

“This show was pointless and a waste of time. Not enjoyable at all.”

“This show is as dull as a rusted knife. You have to be a real vapid shallow person to find the lives of rich privileged kids who do NOTHING interesting. I swear every episode was the same. How it managed to get more than 1 season and a...read more large fan base is beyond me.”

"If you are 15 and a shallow gossipy trampy reality show lover you may like this show but if you are a fan of clever scripted shows with likeable characters you will wish you had skipped it. ALMOST as bad as The Hills. And yes I have watched both and wish I could be repaid for my time.”
"The music is awful…”


  1. The music is ridiculous awful. It is so brainless. Empty. Truer words never spoken.

  2. You sound a little harsh. So what this show got more than 1 season, who cares? No need to call fans "trampy."I agree the kids are spoiled brats and if you learn anything from the show it should be how NOT to raise your children but I don't think you need to bash viewers. I also agree the Buried Life is a great show, but sadly that got cancelled. As for the hills, I loved LC. She worked her butt off in that show to be more than a reality tv star.

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