Friday, October 26, 2012

Sangreal by Rene Cardona @ Violethour Studio

Tomorrow night (Friday 10/26) is a special closing reception/Halloween Party for my friend Rene Cardona's art show at Violethour Studio.  The show is called "Sangreal" and is based on the 14th century English writer Thomas Malory's epic Le Morte D'Arthur (The Death of Arthur).

Malory's work is the most definitive and respected collection of stories about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table which are the basis for a long tradition of stories that show some of highest human aspirations of chivalry and goodness.  According to the Norton Anthology of English Literature, "Chivalry is the code that governs the actions of the knight adventurer who rides in search of wrongs that he may right--typically in search of ladies whom he may rescue from monsters, churls, and wicked knights."  Le Morte D'Arthur tells of the adventures of iconic knights like Lancelot, Gawaine, Galahad, and others.

The book culminates with the famous falling out between Lancelot and King Arthur over Queen Guinevere.  Interestingly, it is never stated whether or not Lancelot and the queen actually committed adultery.  Malory writes, quite beautifully, "And whether they were abed or at other manner of disports, me list not thereof make no mention, for love that time was not as love is nowadays."  Ultimately, the book is a tragedy, in which King Arthur dies and with him "the flower of chivalry of all the world was destroyed and slain."  For his art show, Rene painted several of the knights of Le Morte D'Arthur:

The closing reception/Halloween Party is this Friday (10/26) at The Magoski Arts Colony at 225 W. Santa Fe in Fullerton, starting around 7pm.  Come see these epic paintings by Rene Cardona! 

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