Monday, September 17, 2012

Photographing Coyote Hills

Today I took a bike ride with my friend Josue to Coyote Hills.  We walked through the Robert Ward Nature Preserve and peeked over the fences at the 510-acres of open space.  I feel compelled to take photographs of this land, because it is possible that much of it will be bulldozed soon.  Chevron, who owns the property and used to drill oil there, is using its vast financial resources to convince Fullerton citizens that another massive housing development is a great idea.

Thankfully, we get to vote on this project.  A No on Measure W will prevent the development.  A yes on Measure W will give the green light to the bulldozers.  If you look at the Yes on W web site, it looks like they are some environmentalist group, and not a major multinational oil company.  Real environmentalist groups like the Sierra Club oppose the development.

We found an old oil pipe that looked like a rusty tank gun.  We put flowers inside.

If you bulldoze an ecosystem, it doesn't just grow right back.

I told Josue, "Chevron is a land rapist."

We should love and appreciate nature, not destroy it.

Enjoy it while it lasts.  The bulldozers are on the horizon, unless we stop them.

"We must document this."

On October 5, 2012, during the next Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, there will be a special art exhibit at BOOKMACHINE books + zines called "Open Space" which is meant to raise awareness about this critical issue right in our own backyard.  If we don't stand up and act, who will?

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