Monday, September 24, 2012

Fullerton City Council Candidate Forum

Tonight I went to a Fullerton city council candidate forum, put on at city hall by the League of Women Voters.  It was basically a chance for candidates to introduce themselves and answer questions about issues facing Fullerton.  There are twelve candidates running for three seats on Fullerton City Council, to be decided in the November general election.  Here's a list of the candidates with a little info about them.  Click on the candidate's name for more info.

Jan Flory is a local attorney who has served on Fullerton City Council in the past.  She seems very "establishment."

Brian Bartholomew is a local business owner and (I think) a newcomer to politics.  On his web site he calls himself "The Conservative Choice for Fullerton."

WTF Bankhead?
Matthew Hakim is a musician/artist who does not have a web site I could find, which is really weird for a musician/artist these days.  Matthew was the most entertaining of the group, as he was the only one to talk about Native American bones buried in Fullerton.

Vivian "Kitty" Jaramillo is a retired "Preservation Inspector" (city employee).  I know Kitty has been active in various community groups like the Homeless Task Force and Meals on Wheels.  I think I will probably vote for her.

Don Bankhead has been recalled twice and is running again.  Baffling.

Travis Kiger is a blogger for the muckraking Friends for Fullerton's Future blog.  He is endorsed by Ed Royce, the Republican Party of Orange County, and even the (gulp) Lincoln Club.  I will not be voting for Travis Kiger.

Jane Rands is legit.
Jane Rands is a member of the Fullerton Bicycle Users Sub-Committee, and has long supported the Friends of Coyote Hills and, more recently, the Citizens Police Oversight Committee.  I will wholeheartedly be voting for Jane. 

Roberta Reid is simply listed as "retired" on her ballot statement.  I could not find much info on her.  She coughed a lot and was sometimes incoherent at the forum.

Barry Levinson is an accountant who goes to almost every fucking city council meeting.  He is a big advocate of "reform."  I think he writes for the Friends for Fullerton's Future blog too.

Jennifer Fitzgerald is, according to her web site, "The founder and CEO of CL7 Communications, Inc., a strategic communications firm, which specializes in political fundraising. Her clients have included Mitt Romney for President, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Meg Whitman for Governor."  Yikes.

Bruce Whitaker is a current councilman who has worked for State Assemblyman Chris Norby.  Bruce seems like a competent guy. 

Rick Alvarez wins the award for the weirdest photoshop image on a candidate's web site.

Congratulations, Rick Alvarez.

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