Saturday, July 21, 2012

DIY Homeless Services in Fullerton

This afternoon, I was walking down an alley near downtown Fullerton, where I live, and I came upon what appeared to be a DIY (do-it yourself) homeless book and clothes center.  The other day, I got talking to a local homeless guy about how there is no permanent homeless shelter in Fullerton.  The Armory is only open certain months, when the National Guard doesn't need it.  As the city of Fullerton continues to get its shit together in this regard, it makes me feel good to see things like this...


  1. Hey Jesse- have you met Curtis? He used to be an OCTA bus driver and he's usually at the fullerton transport center with his friend Kenny. He publishes a homeless resource guide that he prints and hands out to folks. Ill try and find his flyer and get him in contact with you. You should know Curtis, he's a irreplaceable asset to the homeless community. <3

  2. Where was this placed? Which alley? Can we go and place things there for the homeless?