Monday, July 9, 2012

The Dils

The Dils were an American punk rock band of the late 1970s, originally from Carlsbad, California, and fronted by brothers Chip Kinman and Tony Kinman. Soon after forming in 1977 the band relocated to San Francisco, where they would have a significant influence on that city's embryonic punk scene (bassist Tony Kinman would play very briefly with San Francisco punk band The Avengers during 1977), and then Los Angeles, becoming one of the major bands in the early Los Angeles punk scene too. They were known for their conspicuous radical left politics, and for a strong melodic sense that earned them the nickname "punk rock Everly Brothers." Also known for classics such as "I Hate The Rich" and "Class War"(check out D.O.A.'s amazing cover of this), The Dils only released three singles. It's too bad. When they toured and hit NYC, Danny Fields was going to get them signed and John Cale was anxious to produce a full length album. "Red Rockers Rule!"

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