Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bad Brains

Bad Brains formed in Washington, D.C., in 1977. They are widely regarded as among the pioneers of hardcore punk. The band developed an early reputation in Washington D.C., due in part to the relative uniqueness of an entirely African-American band playing punk rock, but also due to their high-energy performances and undeniable talent. In 1979, Bad Brains found themselves the subject of an unofficial ban among many Washington D.C. area clubs and performance venues (later addressed in their song, "Banned in D.C."). The band subsequently relocated to New York City. The band's classic and current lineup is singer H.R. (Human Rights), guitarist Dr. Know, bassist Daryl Jenifer, and drummer Earl Hudson, H.R.'s younger brother.  Their self-titled first album is universally regarded as a punk rock classic.


  1. Yer bloody well right!

  2. History in the making, still going on and going stromg, YEAHH