Monday, May 7, 2012

An e-mail to the CSU Vice-Chancellor of Human Resources

Hi Gail,

I am an adjunct faculty at Cal State Fullerton, and I have become increasingly disturbed at the gross inequalities in money allocation in the CSU system. For a long time, I trusted that you guys would allocate resources equally among students, faculty, and administration. But recently, I read that Chancellor Charles Reed makes more money than the current United States President, while the Board of Trustees continue raise tution well beyond any reasonable economic indicators (i.e. gross domestic product, consumer price index, inflation). Also, my pay as an adjunct, has basically flat-lined over the past ten years, while the pay of CSU presidents has gone up around 70 percent (over the past ten years).

I was further disturbed at the dismissive and entitled way in which Chancellor Reed addressed the students who are on the Hunger Strike right now over these gross inequalities. If you haven't read the article today in the Daily Titan, I recommend it:

Perhaps, as Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, you could tell the Chancellor, from one public servant to another, to be a bit more reasonable and compassionate? As a teacher, and a public servant who is truly not in it for the money (my salary is around one twelfth of the Chancellor's), I am starting to lose my faith in you guys. Help me believe again.


Jesse La Tour
Department of English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics
California State University, Fullerton

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