Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Political Action Committees who Have Contributed over $5000 to Mitt Romney’s Campaign

When I ran for Fullerton City Council in 2010, one thing I learned is that any informed voter must pay attention to who is bankrolling a candidate’s campaign, as this will likely influence the decisions and policies they make in office, way more than anything they say (talk is cheap). This morning, I decided to take a gander at which Political Action Committees have contributed over $5000 to presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Here are some of them. For a complete list, visit the Federal Election Commission web site HERE.

Restore Our Future, Inc.
21st Century PAC
Acadia Healthcare Company Inc FEDPAC
Amegy Bank National Assoc. Political Action Committee
Chesapeake Energy Corporation FED-PAC
Community Health System Professional Services Corporation PAC
Continuing a Majority Party PAC
Crowe PAC
Denali Leadership PAC
E*Trade Financial Corporation PAC
First National of Nebraska PAC
Hilton Worldwide PAC
ING America Insurance Holdings Inc PAC
John Hancock Life Insurance Company FEDPAC
Lawyers for Better Government PAC
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company PAC
Lifepoint Hospitals Inc Good Government Fund
Longhorn PAC
MacAndrews and Forbes Holdings Inc PAC
Maverick PAC
National Health Corporation PAC
Nixon Peabody LLP PAC
Performant Financial Corporation PAC
Public Service Enterprise Group Inc. PAC
The Lincoln Club of Orange County FEDPAC

In the coming months, I will be tracking large campaign contributions to candidates. This is what will largely determine who I vote for.

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