Saturday, December 10, 2011

A New City

I woke up from a dream and thought to myself, "Why don't we get to found cities anymore?"

Back in the day, people founded new cities all the time. They bought land, or got it from the railroads or the government, and they founded a city. They made their laws, elected officials, set the rules..a new city.

The problem is that, back then, lots of people founded cities for the wrong reason. It wasn't to make a nice community or to be fair to was to make a lot of money. People fought for property rights, and the really rich people got to make the rules.

But why can't we found cities today in different ways? Why can't we find some land, and found a city where the main purpose is not to make lots of money, but to be creative and fair? There is lots of land in America. I know that because I once spent a month riding trains around the US. There are vast stretches of open land.

Why can't we found new cities? Why can't we try different ways?



  1. Open land doesn't mean it isn't already spoken for, it just means it's not built up. I think the bigger trick than founding a city on non-monetary principles is finding land that doesn't have a long history of community. Maybe I'm just a little bitter that a small part of my community voted to become a city after being completely fine for over 100 years as a part of unincorporated Riverside County. The majority of the people who live here didn't even vote. So now the history, the story of which is dying with the people who knew it, is utterly disregarded. And I think it's because people who moved, because it's cheaper, from cities can't conceptualize a system of community without a mayor and all the trappings of a city. Sorry, I'll stop ranting on your blog,now.

    A non-monetary foundation is a nice idea. Let me know if you find somewhere to try it; I'd be up for an experiment!

  2. I'm sorry, Chandra. When I start my anarcho-syndicalist commune, you will be welcome...