Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to know if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing: a poem

If, when you do something
when no one is telling you to
that makes you feel,
not lonely or sad or dead,
but alive and aware,

If you do that thing
not to impress anyone
but because you believe
in your heart,
I like this thing,
and I am good at it.

If you feel compelled to do that thing,
not once in a while,
but every day,
and you never really get tired of it,

If when you talk about that thing
to your friends,
they say, "Wow, you really
like that."

If the thing is not just for you
but also for others somehow,

If, when you do that thing,
you feel like,
I am not wasting my time,
I am making really good use of it,

If that thing doesn't hurt you
or other people,
but rather helps,

If that thing makes you
want to keep growing
and learning
and expanding your limits,

If you are prepared
to not be wealthy,
if it means you get to
keep doing that thing,

If your doing that thing
makes the world
a little less dark and lonely,
for yourself and others,

Then, I think, you are doing
what you are supposed
to be doing.

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