Wednesday, December 28, 2011

God Save The Beard: Scene 1

The following is an excerpt from a play I'm working on called God Save the Beard.

The year is 1967. The place is Cal State Fullerton. The Vietnam War is underway. The draft is in place. Governor Reagan has proposed severe cuts to the State College system, which would make thousands of students ineligible for college admission, and therefore eligible for the Draft.

Terry Gordon, a graduate theater student at Cal State Fullerton, bumps his way through a crowd of student protestors holding signs against the Draft, the war, and Governor Reagan's budget cuts. Terry's girlfriend, Marion, is with him.

Marion: I just think it's a dangerous idea. This is Orange County, for Christsakes.

Terry: This is the perfect place for it.

Marion: If the police shut down a performance in San Francisco, what do you think will happen here?

Terry: It will be a small production. For students.

Marion: Word will get out.

Terry: (Reading from the Daily Titan) Listen to this: "In his inaugural Address Gov. Ronald Reagan stated the need for the universities and state colleges to, in addition to teaching, instill moral and ethical values in students." Whose moral and ethical values? What a fucking hypocrite! He slashes higher education, supports fire bombing villages in Vietnam, and he wants to preach about morality?! The world is upside down, Marion.

Marion: Have you talked to Dr. Young?

Terry: Not yet.

Marion: See what he says. I'm telling you, Terry. (Holding a copy of The Beard by Michael McClure) This play will raise hell.

Terry: Hey, did I tell you my sister joined the Peace Corps? She's going to Brazil.

Marion: You're changing the subject.

Terry: (kisses her) I'll talk to Dr. Young.


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