Sunday, December 11, 2011

Data Feels Emotions

Picard: Captains Log, Star Date 48632.4. Dr. Crusher has informed me that Data's emotion chip has been fused into his neural net and cannot be removed. However, she believes he is fit for duty, so I have asked him to join me in stellar cartography.

Picard: Data, give me a list of anything in this system that has been affected by the star's destruction. Data?

Data: Sorry, sir. It will take the computer a few moments to compile the information.

Picard: Data, are you alright?

Data: No, sir. I am finding it difficult to concentrate. I believe I am overwhelmed with feelings of remorse and regret concerning my actions on the observatory.

Picard: What do you mean?

Data: I wanted to save Geordi, but I experienced something I did not expect...fear. I was afraid...According to our current information, the destruction of the star has had the following effects in this sector: gamma emissions have increased by .05 percent...Captain, I cannot continue with this investigation. I wish to be de-activated until Dr. Crusher can remove the emotion chip.

Picard: Are you having some kind of malfunction?

Data: No, sir. [Getting angry] I simply do not have the ability to control these emotions.

Picard: Data, I have nothing but sympathy for what you are feeling, but right now I need...

Data: [Shouting] Sir, I no longer want these emotions! De-activating me is the only viable solution!

Picard: Part of having feelings is learning to integrate them into your life, Data. Learning to live with them.

Data: [Crying] Sir, I cannot...

Picard: You will not be de-activated. You're an officer aboard this ship, and I require you to perform your duty. That is an order, commander.

Data. Yes sir. I will try, sir.

Picard: Sometimes it takes courage to try, Data. Courage can be an emotion too.

from Star Trek: Generations


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