Sunday, December 4, 2011

Business Degree: a poem

I am seriously considering
going back to school
for a business degree.

Not because I want to be
a successful business man,
but because I want to understand

business, from the inside-out.
I want to see what college
business courses are like.

Sort of like how David Foster Wallace
took accounting classes
to prepare himself

for his last novel,
The Pale King, which is set
in an IRS office.

I think, by understanding business,
I might get a clearer sense
of what is wrong with America.

As a student, I will
ask questions like,
"It works, but is it humane?"

If I am asked to give
a presentation, I will not
wear a suit and tie.

I will wear jeans and
a punk t-shirt that
exposes my tattoos.

I don't even care if I
get bad grades. I don't care
about grades anymore.

I care about understanding.
I hope my professors argue with me,
or are, at least, mildly annoyed.


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