Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day Dialogue

Drunk guy: Happy Veteran's Day!

Me: I'm actually not that happy about Veteran's Day. A lot of vets have PTSD and commit suicide.

Drunk guy: But they're over there, doin' our dirty work.

Me: Over where? Iraq? Afghanistan? Libya?

Drunk guy: Over there.

Me: Okay. But why are they over there?

Drunk guy: You wanna shot?

Me: No thanks.

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  1. So i totally stumbled upon you're little corner of the world here. Funny thing...I was one of your students at FJC about four years ago. It's a small world. This comment has nothing to do with Veteran's day...but just wanted to let you know I just read your book. I was curious and I meant to read only the first chapter or so. Two and a half hours later I've finished it. Amazing stuff by the way. Blew my mind, I get it. I feel it. I know it. I've lived it. Thanks for that. Oh, and it totally makes me sad too that Weezer sucks because they were once very cool.