Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beside the Fallen Monument: a poem


Beside a fallen statue of King David, I sit,
watching students learning to survey the land,
perhaps as part of a business development class.

But me, I am writing,
with a heavy head,
dwelling on a couple images:

A newly-drilled oil well
spewing black rot
over orange groves, and

An ariel photograph of Orange County,
the land cut and sold and
packaged and commodified
into something entirely

I sit and write,
while faculty hold signs
outside University Hall that read:
“Will teach for food.”

Outside the Humanities building
students rally for ethnic studies,
their faces painted in the
half-skeletons of
Dia De Los Muertos.

Our Lady of Sorrows
and the long dark night,
Have mercy.

I sit beside the fallen monument,
watching students trickling
in and out of the library,

If there is any hope,
it is in these students
and this library.


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