Sunday, November 6, 2011

Advice for Orange County Churches

1.) Convert some of your facilities into free health clinics. Did you know that millions of people cannot afford health insurance?

2.) Ask your pastors to move into the poorest neighborhood in your city. See how they respond.

3.) Convert some of your facilities into homeless shelters. Did you know there are homeless people? There are.

4.) Convert some of your facilities into mental health clinics. There are probably lots of people with mental illnesses in your city who cannot afford treatment. Show them you care.

5.) If you live in a house atop a former oil field, stand in the middle of your driveway, lay down, flat on your face, wet the concrete with your tears and whisper to the graves of plants and animals, "I'm sorry."

6.) Plant a community garden. Teach your children that there are other purposes for land than pavement and grass.

7.) When you go out to eat, tip generously, especially if you make a public showing of praying before your meal, lest you send people a mixed message about Christianity. Servers survive off their tips.

8.) If your primary financial investment is your house, consider this: The very concept of property ownership is a relatively recent one in North America, with a history steeped in conquest, racism, and genocide. Also, consider this: At the time of his death, Jesus' total net worth was exactly zero.

9.) In these and other areas, try to be more like Jesus who was, after all, homeless and poor.

10.) If you feel, in your heart, a conflict between the values of Jesus and the values of your church, do not despair. Jesus felt the same way.


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