Sunday, September 4, 2011

Compassionate Psychiatry

“Hello, Dr. _______, this is Jesse La Tour, your patient.”


“Sorry it’s taken me a few days to get back to you. I’m just calling because I called the pharmacy to refill my prescription and they said you denied it.”

“Yes, I can’t refill it because you need to come in and see me.”

“I know, but I don’t have health insurance right now, and I’m on unemployment and the prescription alone costs $300 a month.”

“You are paying out of pocket?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I mentioned that to you before. I asked if there was a different medication I could go on, and you said it would be dangerous for me to go off this one.”

“Well, call me on Tuesday and we can talk about it.”

“If I call on Tuesday, I will have gone without my medication for four days,” I said, “The medication you said it would be dangerous for me to go off.”

“Well, I called you earlier in the week, you could have called me sooner. You need to be more responsible about calling me back,” he said.

“Sorry I didn’t call you back right away, but I’m talking to you now and I really need this medication refilled,” I said.

“Call me on Tuesday and we’ll talk,” he said.

“So you are going to let me go without my medication for four days just to make a point about me being more responsible?” I asked.

Awkward pause.

“Well, no,” he said, “I am going to give you one more refill and tell you that you need to find a different provider.”

“Alright, cool.”


  1. Oh god that's terrible Jesse. I've had bad experiences with psychiatrists too. Something is seriously wrong with that profession. Maybe CSUF has one you could see for free/cheap (assuming you still work there).

  2. I know, babbs. I feel like there is this cold-business-like mentality, which is really weird, because they are dealing with fragile people who need help. I also feel like there is a shady relationship between psychiatrists and drug companies. I'm gonna get health insurance through Cal State in about a month, so that will be nice. I've been without for too long.

  3. If you get three comments, so sorry... Blogger is being a butt.

    Make sure to rate this doctor online.

    I especially hate how doctors have patients by the balls .... earning their living by forcing patients to come in for unnecessary follow ups by witholding refills.

    Of course this being a psychiatrist is doubly sickening. I hope he was just for meds and not someone you actually had sessions with.

    double grrr

  4. I enjoyed this post. It reminded me that a few of the therapists I've had aren't much better. Sitting on a couch rehashing my personal history/issues with little feedback or rapport from this "professional" doesn't seem to be doing much for my emotional health. Even though my insurance pays, I still feel very ripped off.