Monday, July 11, 2011

What the church taught me about politics

Democrats are evil.
Democrats are not Christian.
Liberal = morally wrong.

Republicans are good.
A bigger military is good.
"Big government" is bad,
unless it applies to the military.
George W. Bush is a good Christian.
It’s good to mix church and state.
Abortion and homosexuality
are the main issues.
Social programs, education,
and health care don’t really matter
when deciding who to vote for.
Higher taxes are always bad.
Poor people should be able
to take care of themselves.
They shouldn’t be so lazy.
Illegal immigrants
should be deported ASAP.

When I was in junior high,
In the early 90s,
My youth leader at church
Was a big fan of Rush Limbaugh.
He hated Bill Clinton.
He had bumper stickers on his
Truck calling Clinton “slick Willy.”
In 8th grade, I found out that
My junior high youth leader
Was also a child molester.

As I get older, I wonder
if Jesus was really
The Republican I thought he was.

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