Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Paradise Fragment: A Short Film

I’m working on a short film with my friend Ryan called “12 Months of Not-Me.” In the film , every month, Ryan feels an overwhelming compulsion to be someone else, so he dresses up and acts like a different famous person for that month. For ex:

January: Christopher Columbus
February: Martin Luther King, Jr.
March: Pocahantas
April: His neighbor Mr. Jordan
May: Che Guevara
June: Michael Bay
July: Paul McCartney
August: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
September: Bill Gates
October: Mother Teresa
November: Billy Graham
December: Salvador Dali

Recurring scenes:

Ryan walking into the same coffee shop, sitting and reading the paper.
Ryan going out to bars and having conversations with women as if he really is these famous people.
Ryan looking in the mirror, filled with inner torment.
Ryan waving at his neighbor Mr. Jordan as he waters his lawn.
Ryan running errands—grocery shopping, going to the DMV, filling his car with gas, browsing at Borders.
Ryan watching television and eating a microwaved pizza.

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