Thursday, June 2, 2011

A toast to the single folks

Tonight, I raise my glass to the single folks
Who are lonely and sad and tired
and true of heart.

I raise my glass to those who say:
"I will not sacrifice my dreams for an easy lay.
I will not compromise.
I will be lonely
if it allows me to do what
I need to do with my life
because my time is limited
on this planet earth."

Here's a toast to those
who, when they get a little tipsy
don't try get suave,
who instead talk about
contemporary literature
or lowborw art
or postmodernism
or epistemology
or Kafka.

And to all those who
want a person who
will cater to your
lowest common denominator,
fare thee well.
I will go the other direction,
toward my dreams.

I will sleep alone tonight,
if sleeping alone
means I can
curate art shows
and play punk shows
and write novels
and spend an entire day
reading Les Miserables.

I will bear the loneliness,
because my loneliness
is also my freedom.


  1. I second Tracey's comment. The same words can apply to un-single people.