Monday, December 27, 2010

Metroid: a poem

The life of a bounty hunter
is one of desolate loneliness
mixed with great adventure.

Alone on the planet Zebes
with no companions,
only a hoarde of enemies.

When I was a child,
Metroid was my favorite game.
I didn't understand why.

Something about the aloneness
and the fight for survival
on an alien planet.

I connected with it.
Something about loneliness
and adventure.

I don't know why there were weapons
on the planet Zebes,
or who put them there.

But finding those weapons:
the freeze ray, the high jump boot,
was like finding golden treasure.

And the loneliness was okay.
I could defend myself
with the Varia suit.

I learned to survive
and even to love the alien world
and when I destroyed Mother Brain,

The joy was mixed with loss.

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