Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Zingers n' a Frapp

I teach and 8am class at Cal State Fullerton. Before my class, I like to stop at the Brief Stop, a little convenience store in Langsdorf Hall, for some breakfast. My favorite breakfast lately is Hostess Zingers (devil's food) and a Starbucks Frappuccino beverage. This morning, I got my Zingers and Frapp and took them to the register. To my amazement, the cashier was also eating Zingers and drinking a Frapp. It was a strange Twilight Zone-type moment, especially because we were the only people in the Brief Stop. What are the chances that, of all the snack and beverage choices, we would have chosen the exact same combinataion? The chances are exponentially small. Neither of us acknowledged our identical breakfast choices. I paid and walked out, feeling as if something important had just happened that I did not understand.



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