Friday, September 24, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are

So I spent most of today working on getting the new Hibbleton Gallery ready to open. We were all together in there: me, Steve, Tony, Chuck, Brian--painting walls, sanding, putting up drywall, listening to music, hanging out. It was fun. We were thinking about creating a lounge area/stage where bands can play or DJs can DJ and stuff. At one point, I looked around and said to Steve, "This place is gonna be awesome." He said, "Yep."

And then I went home and made some soup and watched Where The Wild Things Are. Max and his Wild Things build a fort together, and for some reason it really moves me. This idea of people creating something together. Making things as we want them. Not accepting things as they are--making them new. i feel like that's what the gallery is all about, and this whole new Magoski Arts Colony. It's like we're a bunch of kids building a fort together. Making something in this world that we want to make, not because we have to or because anyone is telling us to, or because it's gonna make us lots of money or anything stupid like that. We are doing it because it's fun, and we want to.

Maybe that sounds cheesy, but it sounds good to me.


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