Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fullerton's Underground Music Scene

If you were to visit most of the bars in downtown Fullerton on any given night, you would most likely think this town has terrible music. Most bars play mindless top 40 dance music, and have shitty cover bands.

However, there is a thriving underground music scene in Fullerton, and you can find it if you look. The best places to visit for good live music are The Continental Room on Sunday nights, Commonwealth Lounge on Monday nights, and Mulberry St. on Thursday nights. These venues feature mostly young artists creating amazing original music.

Here's my friend Becky Holt playing at Commonwealth Lounge:


Check out her music at

Here's my friend Troy's Band, Death Hymn #9, an awesome punk/surf/country band playing at The Continental:


Check out their jams at

A few weeks ago, I went to a show at a warehouse in an industrial part of Fullerton that my friends from the band Dhaga Bloom rent out and have converted into a sweet venue. Here are some pics from that night, taken by my friend Chuck Oldfield:



My favorite band of the night was Dirt Dress:

Check out more of Chuck's photography at:

If you are looking for great new underground music, visit Burger Records on State College:

Fullerton has a rich history of great underground music, and it is thriving today, just beneath the surface.

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