Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy, yet fulfilled...

This is what I will do today: teach two classes, grade 15-20 student essays, create four facebook events, work on getting Hibbleton ready for the opening on Friday, prepare for three classes tomorrow, write a letter of recommendation, prepare for a candidate forum, plus reply to many e-mails.

As busy as I am, I am noticing a positive change in my life. I'm finding myself more passionate about teaching than I've ever been, enjoying working in the gallery, running for City Council, meeting community leaders...

I left the Candidate Meet and Greet on Monday night feeling good, feeling connected to something greater than my own life, feeling like a part of something good.

I think, in America, the cultural tendency is to "look out for number one." To feel content if you have a job and a place to live. But I have found that the more things I do that benefit people other than just myself, the more fulfilling and rich (not money-wise)I find my life. That is the great irony that John Lennon nailed: The more you give the more you get.

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  1. i like that train of thought Jesse- makes me smile!