Saturday, August 7, 2010

Les Amis: an awesome new Lebanese cafe in Fullerton!

Months ago, after the closing of Van Gogh's Deli in downtown Fullerton (a late night guilty pleasure), I noticed that a new place was opening up called Les Amis. I assumed that they were going to be a French cafe. However, a few days ago, my friend Amy told me Les Amis had just opened and that they had tasty (and cheap) Lebanese food. I LOVE Lebanese food (esp shawerma), but usually have to go to Orange or Anaheim to get it.

So, today, I had lunch at Les Amis, and it was both delicious and cheap! I got the chicken shawerma, with a side of chips and hummus. It was a big, flavorful meal, and it was only 5 bucks! I'm so happy Les Amis is here, and you should all go check them out! Downtown Fullerton needs more places like this--unique, good food at reasonable prices.

Les Amis is located at 128 W. Wilshire Ave C, in downtown Fullerton (Where Van Gogh's used to be).


Here is my delicious chicken sandwich:


Here is their menu: delicious and affordable:



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  1. If you try their falafel, post a review! There aren't any good places for falafel in the area. You have to go to Papa Hasan's in Orange or Mediterranean Terrace in La Habra. I'll have to try Les Amis next time I'm in DTF.

    p.s. you're inspiring me to pick up Infinite Jest again. I know there's so much goodness in there-it's just the freakin daunting.