Friday, June 18, 2010

A Song Written by My 6-year-old nephew, Jonas

Jonas seems to have a lot of angst.

The Alliance of Death
by Jonas Jac La Tour
for Grandpa Glenn, Grandma Sally, Jordan, Victor, Victor Jr., mom and dad, and Jesse

The Alliance of Death has died

The Death Star has found the right to the Alliance of Death!

And you deep down into the darkness with your parents,
below the death of Eyeball Creek.

Sharks rock like crazy along the shore.
And then they die by me, ME!

They are in the graveyard right now,
and then they rose again from the devil.

Don't fill Eyeball Creek with new eyeballs
because it's dangerous.
The other eyeballs might kill them.

(The following verse was written by Addy, Jonas' 3 year old sister):

Stinky verse
Versey Conver
and Stuart Little!

Na na ah ah ah!

Until the death fills the sky with stormy nights!
The lamp has broken and the days are done.
The people have died
and there's no more life here.

Ra ra Mister.
Stinky face from the Awesome town,
Stinky Incorporated.

The town was stinky and it smelled like farts most of the time.
But when the cleaner came, he made a decision
to clean the town, and then it didn't smell like farts.

Cut off your head like Sword Man.
Kill the world.

The guy who has a sword,
he walked into the showdown,
into the incorporated town of DEATH!

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