Sunday, May 9, 2010

Schizophrenia and Postmodern Philosophy

After publishing my last post, I got thinking about schizophrenia and postmodern philosophy. This is what happens when I decide not to go out on a Saturday night, and instead lay on my couch and think.

So, based on my knowledge of postmodernism, this view holds that there is no "objective" reality or truth, but rather that "truth" is constructed by people's subjective experience, mainly though language.

But if we hold this view, then how can we diagnose people as schizophrenic? We tell them that they see and hear things that aren't there, that their perception of reality is distorted. But, in order to say this, in order to diagnose them, we must assume that there is a "correct" view of reality.

It seems that postmodern psychologists are faced with a difficult task. I wonder of Jacques Lacan, the famous postmodern psychologist, ever thought about this dilemma.

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