Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh Fullerton, when will you be glorious?

Took a long walk today, through Fullerton neighborhoods. It was an object lesson in class segregation. In northwest Fullerton, north of Chapman, there are all these large, perfectly manicured homes, carless streets, signs indicating Brinks Home Security, silently announcing, "Don't Fuck With My Suburb." Expensive cars in driveways. Not a soul in sight. It felt desolate. I wanted to shout with a bull horn, "Oh you upper class people, don't you see that your guarded neighborhoods and home security systems cannot protect you from the disease of apathy and emptiness?" Walked through the poorer South Fullerton neighborhoods, cars on streets. There were humans there. And then downtown, the buffer between these two sides, north and south, where people mix and interact. The northerners come to eat expensive dinners prepared by the southerners. So strange. Oh, Fullerton. When will you be glorious?

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