Monday, May 10, 2021

Emerging: a Poem

My computer informed me today

That my “screen time” is down

20% from last week.

I spent only 6 hours and 22 minutes

Per day on the computer.

But that doesn’t include my laptop,

Which I stare at for hours each night

Watching movies and TV

Before falling asleep.

This is my life.

Tonight, I lay in bed re-watching

“The Mandalorian” and sometimes

Googling things like,

“What is Moff Gideon’s plan?”

And somehow I end up watching

The 1980 gay slasher film “Cruising” 

Starring Al Pacino

And secretly thinking…

The 1980 New York leather scene

Seemed pretty cool.

I am lonely.

I live alone during a pandemic.

Only recently, I have begun emerging

Back to the local nightlife

Social scene that was my lifeline to…


I sit alone on the patio of a bar

Reading research notes

From an article I’ve been

Working on for the past three months

About school desegregation.

I sip my beer and wave at folks I know—

Those casual social acquaintances 

I have missed so dearly.

I am 41 years old.

I edit a local newspaper.

I rent a little apartment.

I live next to the railroad tracks.

I am lonely and alive,

And I am emerging back into life.